EN 13034 type 6 low protection against liquid chemicals

The EN 13034 standard covers protective clothing against splashes of liquid chemicals. Workwear with the EN 13034 standard protects against exposure to a small amount of chemicals, in the form of splashes and light sprays. The EN 13034 standard covers type 6 garments that provide minimum protection to the upper body and limbs. In practice, these are one-piece overalls and two-piece suits. Type 6 is the lowest class when it comes to protection against chemicals, as it only covers liquid chemicals.

Protective clothing with the EN 13034 standard is tested for splashes of four common chemicals: liquid sulphuric acid, caustic soda (sodium hydroxide), o-xylene and butanol. This involves testing the clothing's repellency and permeability. In practice, workwear with the EN 13034 standard often offers sufficient protection against all acids and bases dissolved in water. It is advisable to carry out an additional test if you work a lot with other specific chemicals.

Repellency class

1: > 80%
2: > 90%
3: > 95%

Permeability class

1: < 10%
2: < 5%
3: < 1%