Suitable for disinfecting or washing hands

The pictogram above illustrates that the product in question is very suitable for washing your hands. Suitable products for washing hands are often called hand sanitisers. Hand cleansers with this classification have a neutral pH value similar to that of the skin. This makes them excellent for frequent hand washing. It is applicable in offices, schools, restaurants, public places, washrooms and any other place where a hand cleanser is useful. Products with this standard contain a unique formula. This formula ensures that the skin is properly cleaned but that it is not dried out or damaged. In today's world, it is important to wash your hands as often as possible and at least before every important activity (think of eating meals and preparing them, but also after working in the garden or outdoors, before/after contact with animals or shaking hands, after going to the toilet, or after touching chemical or hazardous substances - even with gloves on during those activities - you should wash your hands). That way, you keep your working environment safe and clean. Therefore, it is important to have a suitable caring and protective hand cleaner in the (working) environments.

Products with this standardisation are thus very suitable for frequent hand washing and, in addition, they may have further specific benefits (such as viscosity, packaging or, for example, a lightly scented property, which will make your hands smell nice after each wash). These benefits can be specific to your sector. Our own premium A+ brand CaluClean includes hand cleaners with this standardisation and those products have a detailed work plan and corresponding safety sheets. So you can find even more information about the hand cleaners and this standardisation.