EN388 protection against mechanical hazards

The EN 388 standard describes the extent to which a work glove provides protection against hazards of a mechanical nature, i.e. risks from machinery. The standard describes resistance to abrasion, cutting, tearing, puncturing and impact. This is specified in six different levels of protection, which are indicated below by the letters A to F. The performance levels are indicated by a number or letter, which you can find between the brackets after the level of protection. The higher this number, the better protection the work glove offers.

A: abrasion resistance (1 to 4)
B: cut resistance (1-5)
C: tear resistance (1 to 4)
D: puncture resistance (1 to 4)
E: ISO cut resistance (A to F, where A is the lowest and F the highest performance level)
F: impact resistance (P passed the test, F failed the test, X was not tested)