Heat-resistant sole

Work shoes with this certification consist of heat-resistant materials, making the sole resistant to (extreme) heat. The heat-resistant sole of such a shoe protects the wearer from any contact with hot surfaces and materials. This certification was prepared by and thus belongs to Diadora Utility's work shoes. They also call this standardisation 'sole resistant to heat'. For work on asphalt and roofers, shoes with this standard are extremely useful. Both the wearer of the shoe and new (soft) asphalt are protected by wearing the right shoes while working.

These safety shoes protect feet on hot asphalt and similar surfaces. This is often due to a flexible impermeable and thermo-insulating midsole (with a heat-resistant running sole or liner). The entire sole insulates heat, is skin-friendly, abrasion-resistant and mostly antistatic, provides good ventilation and is also resistant to oil, acid and petrol. You can confidently perform your work in hot working environments, surfaces and conditions without risking burns or acidification by wearing work shoes with this certification.