Reinforced nose can withstand up to 200y

All work shoes with the following standards feature a protective toecap with impact protection up to 200 Joule.

  • S1
  • S1p
  • S2
  • S3
  • S4
  • S5

and work shoe with a 200 Joule rating is a safety shoe designed to protect the wearer's feet from impacts with an energy of up to 200 Joule. This is an important feature for work shoes used in environments where there is a risk of getting heavy objects on the feet, such as in construction or industry.

The standardisation for work shoes with 200 Joule impact protection is based on European standards set by the European Commission. These standards are designed to ensure that work shoes meeting this standard are safe and effective for use in the work environment. In the Netherlands, these standards are included in the Working Conditions Act (Arbowet) and the Working Conditions Decree (Arbobesluiten)