Carel Lurvink app

With Carel Lurvink's app, you can place your orders quickly and easily. All you need is a mobile device and a wifi/internet connection.

Various authorisations and options

The Carel Lurvink ordering app is an extension of My Carel Lurvink, our online ordering system. You benefit from the same handy features, such as order lists for products you order frequently, reports and setting budgets, and you can differentiate between buyers and orders.

Scan with your camera

With the Carel Lurvink App, you can easily scan barcodes and place the product in your shopping cart. After placing the order, it will be checked and released by our Sales Support department. If a product is out of stock or an order differs, one of our staff will contact you.

If you want to know more about our ordering app, we will be happy to explain it to you. Call one of our staff on 053 - 434 43 43 or send an e-mail to [email protected].