Acceptable Quality Limit AQL

Manufactured goods may deviate from the quality standard. This is never intentional, but it is impossible for producers to check each product individually. This is why an international standard has been developed, which determines the maximum amount by which products may deviate from the set quality criteria. This is called the AQL standard, a statistical assessment on the uniformity of manufactured goods. By choosing and checking a representative number of samples, it accurately predicts the total number of products that do not meet the set production requirements.

The acceptable quality limit (AQL) predicts the acceptable quality level of a product. The AQL is the set limit to the acceptable quality level. The AQL certification always consists of a number, such as 1.0 or 1.5. This number represents the maximum percentage of products that can deviate from the desired product. For work gloves, for example, this is set nationally at AQL 1.5, meaning that a maximum of 1.5% of the work gloves produced can deviate from the desired product.