EN 1073 2 02

European standard EN 1073-2:2002 stands for protective clothing against radioactive contamination. Part 2 specifies the requirements and test methods for non-ventilated protective clothing that protects the wearer from radioactive particle contamination. The results of the internal leakage test can be used to determine the nominal protection factor (NPF) of the clothing. This type of clothing is actually intended to protect only the wearer's body (and specifically the arms and legs), but the clothing can also be used with accessories that provide specialised protection for other parts of the wearer's body (e.g. gloves, boots and respiratory protection devices). Protection for these other skin surfaces is specified in other European standards. Non-ventilated protective clothing should be classified according to EN 1073-2:2002. This European standard is not applicable to the protection against ionising radiation and the protection of patients against contamination with radioactive substances by diagnostic and/or therapeutic measures.