EN 343 protection against rain and bad weather

The EN 343 standard covers requirements for waterproof workwear to protect against rain, snow, fog and ground moisture. The performance classes in the EN 343 standard are represented by an X value and a Y value. The X value describes the degree of waterproofness and the Y value describes the degree of water vapour resistance, also known as breathability. The degree of waterproofness (X value) is expressed in centimetres. The higher the number of centimetres, the better the waterproofness of the rainwear. The water vapour resistance (Y value) is expressed in a ret value, or retention value. The lower the ret-value, the better the breathability of the rainwear. Rainwear in class EN 343 33 provides the highest level of protection. In the overview below, you can find more information about the different classes within the EN 343 standardisation.
X-value: degree of waterproofness
1: > 80 cm
2: > 80 cm (after pre-treatment*)
3: > 130 cm (after pre-treatment*)

Y-value: water vapour resistance
1: ret > 40
2: ret 20-40
3: ret < 20

*By 'after pre-treatment' is meant that the waterproofness level must also be achieved after wear and tear and other conditions affecting the rainwear.