EN 455 Single-use medical examination gloves

The EN 455 standard defines the qualitative and physical properties that single-use medical examination gloves must meet. Gloves that comply with EN 455 are very reliable. However, do take into account the maximum margin of error of 1.5% (AQL 1.5) that applies to this standard. The EN 455 standard consists of the following four sub-standards.

EN455-1: Requirements and test method for the absence of small holes (pinholes) in the glove. This is determined by means of the waterproofing test and airtightness test.
EN455-2: Requirements and test method for physical properties. Size, thickness, elongation and tensile strength are tested. A minimum tensile strength of 6 Newtons is used for this purpose.
EN455-3: Requirements and test method for biological evaluation. The presence of harmful substances on the glove, such as powder and micro-organisms, is tested.
EN455-4: Shelf life and labelling requirements for the glove.