Suitable for cleaning windows

The above pictogram indicates that the product in question is very suitable to be used for window cleaning. What many people encounter when washing windows is streaks or haze on the windows due to too much detergent. Cleaning products with this standardisation dry up streak-free and thus eliminate that problem. The cleaners are therefore good for both mirrors and windows. Most of them are spray cleaners, which improves the cleaning result on windows. They remove all (last) traces of dirt, leaving nothing behind on the windows. The annoying little droplets, streaks or haze are thus prevented. It is also recommended to use a microfibre cloth when cleaning the windows (after using detergents of this standard). This cloth has a certain action, trapping dirt in its fibres. So you will get perfectly clean windows. Many of the products from our own premium A+ brand CaluClean are certified with this standard and designed to let you achieve streak-free cleaning results for your windows as easily as possible. They remove sticky dirt and fingerprints, so your windows will be spick and span again after cleaning.