Suitable for use in combination with a scrubber drier

Products bearing this standard are very suitable to be used for cleaning floors in combination with a scrubber drier. A scrubber drier is a machine that combines water and a cleaner and uses this mixture while scrubbing the floor. A scrubber drier is often used for cleaning large floor areas. Indeed, this way of cleaning is a lot faster and more efficient than cleaning by hand. Moreover, a scrubber drier then sucks up the remaining liquid (the dirty water) and other dirt into a reservoir. This ensures that the floor is almost completely dry immediately after cleaning with a product of this standard in combination with a scrubber drier.

Products with this standard effortlessly clean heavily soiled surfaces. The cleaning agents dissolve quickly in water, thus promoting fast and active cleaning. Since a scrubber drier always combines water and the cleaning agent, this is also a requirement. Moreover, these certified products do not leave streaks and contain materials that make cleaning active for a long time. Besides cleaning agents, floor pads can also fall under this standardisation. Floor pads polish and rub hard and smooth floors. Both types of products are non-corrosive, which minimises the risk of corrosion on furniture and equipment. So products with this standardisation, when combined with a scrubber drier, ensure efficient, effective, fast and thorough cleaning.