Suitable for hand dishwashing

This standardisation with associated pictogram above indicates that the product in question is very suitable to be used for hand-washing materials. This is because the material-friendly properties of products with this standard make it highly suitable for cleaning all washable objects and surfaces.

You can mix cleaners with this standard with lukewarm/hot water in a hand wash. For heavy soiling, it is best to use a double dosage. You will find product information on the relevant product pages, including the correct dosages. Before applying the product with this standard by hand, you should remove debris from the surface. It is advisable to wear protective cleaning gloves when washing by hand. You can then apply the solution using a mop, cloth or sponge. You can then start cleaning with a brush, target or mop. Finally, the surface can be wiped with clean water and air-dried. You should always wash your hands after using a product with this standard, even if you are wearing disposable protective gloves.