Suitable for carpet or rug cleaning

When you find the above pictogram on a product, you are dealing with an article that is very suitable to be used on carpets or rugs. Cleaners with this standard are suitable for (all) different types of carpets and rugs. This is because these articles contain fast-acting cleaners, with which rapid and optimal dirt removal follows. As carpets and rugs often cover large areas, a product with this standard works effectively and efficiently due to this fast-acting property. Products with this standard also contain an acrylic resin, which leaves a protective 'film' after cleaning. Dirt is therefore less likely to penetrate the fibre of the carpet or rug.

Our own premium A+ brand CaluClean contains products with this standard and the above properties/benefits. These products thereby include a spray extraction machine that can be used to treat the carpet. This allows you to lightly mist walkways and stains in advance, allowing them to pre-soak. In doing so, it is recommended to make a test piece in advance to avoid colour changes. CaluClean products with this standardisation are also low-foaming. Usually, floor and carpet cleaners do not contain aggressive chemicals.