Micron fiber technology

Micron fibre technology (also called Micron Fiber-Tech) is a patented new microfibre technology that produces NOx metal fibre gas burners, infrared burners, ribbon burners and various related heating systems. Products with this technology contain a fibre term, e.g. 50/125. These terms refer to the diameter in microns of the core and cladding of a fibre-optic cable. The first series (50) refers to the diameter of the core of the fibre-optic cable. The second set of numbers refers to the diameter of the outer cladding of the fibre-optic cable. The cladding is a special coating that prevents light from escaping from the glass core. This can involve single-mode or multimode fibre-optic cables. Using an environmentally friendly splitting technology, microfibres can be produced from an average of 0.075 decitex, which is 50% thinner than common microfibres. This technology is used, for example, for products by Vileda Professional. In short, the advantages are as follows: better cleaning, better absorption and longer life.