Rinse aid

Products with associated pictograms restore shine to materials/items. Rinse-gloss ensures that items in a dishwasher often dry streak-free, stain-free and better. It therefore does its job while rinsing the dishwasher. When a product contains this icon, it ensures shiny and dry dishes. Rinse aid is a surface tension-lowering agent. Rinse aids usually contain citric acid to bind limescale from the rinse water. They also contain ethanol as an anti-foaming agent and because it accelerates water evaporation (no streaks or stains left behind). Fatty alcohol is also a common substance because it is a surface tension reducer.

The rinse aid reservoir is located on the inside of your dishwasher door, next to the detergent compartment. This is where you can refill it. By default, the setting from the factory of your dishwasher is level 4. This means that the rinse aid will last between 12 and 16 washes after refilling, before it lights up to signal that it needs refilling. The reservoir is then not completely empty. Around seven to nine more washes can then be performed before the reservoir is really empty. If your entire dishes do not appear to be thoroughly dry, increase the rinse aid consumption a little. Only do this when there seem to be no other causes for the problem.