U Micro

U-micro is a special microfibre used to make various Diadora Utility work shoes. This certification therefore belongs specifically to Diadora Utility's work shoes. The special microfibre is water-repellent yet breathable. With it, your feet will stay dry during the working day and the breathable work shoes will also make your working day more comfortable and flow and make the work easier. The fabric consisting of this microfibre is also easy to wash and offers maximum resistance to light. The structure of the fabric makes it perfect for use of work shoes in the food industry. This is not only because it is resistant to light, but also because it is 30% lighter than leather. Work shoes with U-micro are easy to use and maintain, offer your feet protection against/absorption of water, moisture and summer temperatures. In fact, this work shoe guarantees an optimal climate inside the shoe even during hot conditions. Wearers of U-micro work shoes have dry and healthier feet at all times.