Safety shoe class S1P HRO SRC

Safety shoes in class S1 have a safety nose, are antistatic and have an energy-absorbing heel. They are not waterproof and are therefore only used in dry working conditions. The P in the safety standard 'S1P' indicates that the work shoe also has an anti-perforation midsole. There are three different standards that indicate the slip-resistant profile of a safety shoe; SRA, SRB and SRC.

These standards indicate the slip resistance of non-slip soles in different working conditions. The SRC standard is a combination of the SRA and SRB standards. The slip-resistant profile of an S1P safety shoe with the SRC standard is therefore satisfactory on both ceramic tile floors covered with water and soap (lauryl sulphate) and on a steel surface covered with glycerol. In addition, safety shoes with HRO are tested for heat resistance. Both the rubber sole and the polymeric outsole will not melt at temperatures up to 300ºC.