Safety shoes class S3S

The S3S safety shoe is an all-round work shoe with a high safety standard. Work shoes with safety class S3S are a combination of safety shoes from class S1 and S2. Work shoes in class S3S have a safety nose, safety sole and are water- and oil-resistant. In addition, S3S safety shoes are anti-slip, anti-static and the heel is energy-absorbing. This makes it a safe and widely applicable safety shoe. The S3S work shoe is therefore suitable for work in almost any sector, making it very popular. The S3S has additional protection to the standard S3 standard. The S3S is complemented by: perforation-resistant woven insole. Protects against penetration of sharp objects, tested at the highest level with a 3 mm needle with a force of up to 1100 Newtons and fitted with a profiled outsole.