Waterproof material for clothing

When you see this rating on a product, it means that the material of this garment is waterproof. With waterproof clothing, you can be sure to stay dry in heavy rain. An example of a waterproof material is polyester. Whether a garment is waterproof mainly has to do with the coating or interlayer (e.g. a PU interlayer). Water droplets do not stay on the material with a waterproof coating. Water column pressure (wk or mwk) is a measure of how much water pressure the clothing material can withstand before admitting water. The water column describes in millimetres the water pressure the material can withstand before water penetrates the material. Six thousand to ten thousand millimetres means the material can withstand light rain, light pressure and moderate snow. This extends to the category of twenty thousand millimetres or more. Then the material can withstand heavy rain, high pressure and wet snow.