Waterproof lining

Work shoes with the above symbol have a waterproof lining. The certification belongs to Diadora Utility's work shoes and, in particular, its collection of work shoes specifically suitable for wet working conditions.

Work shoes serve to provide your feet with comfort and safety while working. It is therefore important that the lining of a shoe keeps feet dry and warm. This is because it ensures a good foot climate. Wet weather and working conditions create moisture (and sweat) inside the shoe. Wet feet will result in blisters, which is why it is important to keep feet properly dry while working. Waterproof means something different from water-repellent, as a waterproof lining prevents your feet from getting wet at all. Work shoes with this standard contain a membrane, or lining on the inside of the shoes, that makes the shoes waterproof. The membrane is woven in such a way that no wet (rain) drops can get in, but sweat drops can get out. This makes the work shoe both breathable and waterproof. In fact, the seams of the shoes are sealed with thermo tape for optimal waterproofing and equipped with the unique 'Net Breathing System' with unique PU films for good breathability. So waterproof lining shoes keep your feet dry at all times.