Breathable leather uppers BLU

This certification is prepared by Diadora Utility and belongs to its work shoes. The standard states that matching work shoes have breathable leather on the upper. During the summer months, it can be very hot and humid at work.

To avoid the risk of blisters, nasty smells and sweaty feet, a product with this standardisation pays extra attention to the choice of material for the outer and inner lining. That choice fell on breathable leather, because this material ensures high wearing comfort of the shoes and allows enough air to pass through to maintain a pleasant temperature inside the shoe. Besides comfort, safety is very important. Safe shoes are of great importance in almost every working environment. This standardisation is therefore applied to safety shoes.

The shoes with Breathable Leather Uppers are offered in different safety classes, such as S1P or S3. In the product specifications, you can see which safety class it is and for which working conditions that pair of shoes is suitable. Shoes certified with this allow the foot to breathe freely and offer maximum comfort in any situation. The BLU upper is strong, breathable and metal-free (i.e. light). This achieves safety and comfort at the same time.