Usable for cleaning the car bus or truck

Products with this standardisation are very suitable for use when cleaning a car, bus or truck. The products can be neutral or (strongly) alkaline. Alkaline cleaners with this classification are particularly suitable for heavily soiled surfaces and remove deposits of soot, exhaust fumes and other traffic dirt. Neutral cleaners have material-friendly properties, making it suitable for all painted surfaces/types of vehicle paintwork.

Products bearing this standard can therefore be cleaning agents, but you can also think of air fresheners or windscreen washer fluids (antifreeze). Everything about these products is aimed at keeping the vehicle as clean, pleasant, usable, safe and hygienic as possible. Thus, these products do not leave streaks and contain materials that make the cleaning active for a long time. The cleaning products that are useful for cleaning buses, cars or trucks dissolve quickly in water, thus promoting fast and active cleaning. The products are suitable both for manual cleaning and, in many cases, also for machine application in, for example, foam equipment or high-pressure equipment.

Products for cleaning the exterior of the car, bus or truck contain a concentrated wax, which facilitates dry vacuuming of the vehicle. Again, the action of this wax remains active for a long time, so dirt is less likely to adhere to the vehicle's paintwork. Powerful (alkaline) cleaners, in turn, do not attack steel, aluminium, plastics and alloys. As stated, products with this standard therefore do everything to keep your vehicle in optimal condition.