CE Conformite Europeenne

CE-marked products comply with applicable European safety, health, performance and environmental regulations within the European Economic Area (EEA). CE marking is a legally required designation for electrical appliances, machinery, measuring instruments and personal protective equipment, among others. Regulation EC 2016/425 applies to all personal protective equipment, with the exception of some very specific product groups. In addition, additional standards with general requirements and specific test methods may apply to PPE.

The CE marking for PPE is divided into three different risk categories. In this, category I is the least stringent category and category III has the most stringent requirements. Category CE II and CE III PPE is certified and assessed by an independent body. When verification by an independent body is required by law, a four-digit code is placed after the CE mark.

These are the three risk categories for PPE:
CE I: This includes PPE that protects against minimal risks.
CE II: This includes PPE that provides protection against moderate risks.
CE III: This includes PPE that protects against risks with serious consequences, such as a fatal accident or serious injury.