EN 407: protective gloves against thermal risks

The EN 407 standard specifies the requirements and testing methods for gloves that provide protection against heat and fire, or thermal risks. The degree of protection is indicated by a six-part series of performance levels. The higher the number in this range, the better the gloves' protective performance against thermal risks. For more information on the different performance levels, please refer to the list below. In addition, work gloves that protect against thermal risks must meet at least performance level 1 of abrasion and tear resistance as defined in the EN 388 standardisation.

List of performance levels as defined in EN 407

1: fire properties of the material approved
2: maximum contact heat sufficient
3: convective heat test passed
4: passed radiant heat test
5: sufficient protection against small splashes of molten metal
6: sufficient protection against large splashes of molten metal
X: this performance level has not been tested
0: glove does not meet the minimum requirements at this performance level