EN 471 3 2

The EN 471 standard is there for high-visibility clothing. It describes conspicuous fluorescent clothing with approved reflection. It requires the clothing to visually emphasise the user's presence to make him/her more noticeable in dangerous situations, both during the day and at night/dawn. Within this standard, visibility clothing is divided into three classes, which you can see in two numbers in the pictogram. The upper number in the pictogram determines the overall class of the high visibility garment. In the case of standard EN 471 3-2, it is the highest certification. That means it offers the highest level of safety through high visibility and approved reflection. This class 3 certification is mandatory when working in the dark. The optimum visibility guaranteed by this standard greatly reduces the risk of accidents. It makes high visibility clothing with this standard suitable for work along public roads with higher permitted speed limits. The bottom number in the pictogram determines that the workwear falls into the two class of reflective ability, which is the most commonly required. You will therefore see this class in almost all workwear.