EN421 protective gloves against ionising radiation and radioactive contamination

The EN 421 standard indicates the degree of protection a work glove provides against ionising radiation and radioactive contamination. A work glove must be liquid-proof to protect against radioactive contamination. This is tested by means of a penetration test, as defined in standard EN 374.

In addition, a work glove must contain lead to protect against ionising radiation. The protection level and lead equivalence of the work glove is always marked on the product. Ionising radiation can cause work gloves to become deformed. An optional test can be used to test resistance to ozone cracking due to ionising radiation.

Protective gloves used in an enclosure or glove box must also pass an air pressure test. This tests whether a glove offers sufficient resistance to water vapour, with 1 being the highest score and 4 the lowest score.