Suitable for use with single-disc machine

This standard tells you that the product in question is very suitable to be used for floor cleaning in combination with a single-disc machine. A single-disc machine is a machine that stands with the brush on the surface and, by means of an electric motor, rotates this brush. When you want to clean with such a scrubbing machine, you know through this standard that the corresponding product can be used in combination with the machine.

Cleaners with this standardisation effortlessly clean heavily soiled surfaces. This could be oil, grease or nicotine deposits, for example, but virtually all mineral, vegetable and protein dirt is tackled with them. Special wetting agents in the cleaners ensure a high dissolving power, so a very clean result is obtained in a short working time. The cleaners with this standard therefore provide maximum efficiency in a very short time. There are specifically applicable cleaners here, including for industry, food or plastic floors. This is due, for instance, to the food-grade raw materials in a cleaner.
Besides cleaners, products with this standard also include floor pads. These are suitable for polishing and buffing hard and smooth floors (and most wooden floors). Floor pads with this standard have a non-corrosive effect, so there is no risk of corrosion on equipment (the single-disc machine) and furniture. Many cleaners with this standardisation also work non-corrosively.

Under our own premium A+ brand CaluClean, you will find many suitable products for use in combination with a single-disc machine. Products with this standardisation guarantee easy and thorough cleaning in combination with this machine and clean, cared-for floors.