Sink-worthy product

This standardisation indicates that the product with this label can and may be flushed down the sink. The product is then free of materials/substances and properties that cause blockages. This is because everything you flush down the sink ends up in the sewer. Some products can clog and/or pollute the sewer. Therefore, you should not just flush all your (cleaning) residues and waste down the sink. For example, grease or oil can deposit against the walls of the sewer and cause a blockage. Drug residues are another example that causes blockages in the sewer. When a product bears this symbol, it means that you are free to flush it down the drain.

Sink-worthy products also reduce the burden on the environment. After all, purifying sewage puts a strain on the environment and also costs energy and money. When there is waste or harmful substances in the sewage that do not belong there, the sewage treatment plant has to work harder and the environment is affected more. Clogged sewer pipes can also lead to stench, nuisance, filth or even flooding in the house or on the street. Sewer-grade products ensure that sewage remains free and clean. The above standards and label make it easy for you to recognise whether the product can be flushed down the drain harmlessly.