Net Breathing System

Net Breathing System is a technology used by Diadora Utility and drafted by Geox. The system provides natural thermal regulation of the feet and, in the case of workwear, it concerns heat regulation of the body. In work shoes, this regulation ensures that the ideal microclimate in the shoes can be more easily present, which in turn results in dry and healthier feet. Regulation with regard to heat is guaranteed even in the hottest climates and during the most intensive work tasks.

In fact, Geox has conducted persistent research aimed at creating a special membrane made of microporous materials. This membrane is capable of absorbing sweat in vapour form and releasing it via the perforated sole (which is added to the shoes just like the membrane). So-called 'maxi-holes' allow feet to breathe optimally, while the membrane prevents water from entering the shoe, ensuring maximum water resistance. This is because the membrane's micropores are smaller than water droplets but larger than water vapour molecules. Laboratory tests prove that this system and the products with it have significantly improved breathability and the system stands out for its resistance to water.

The Net Breathing System thus ensures waterproofness and strong breathability of the shoe. The system reduces humidity. It also regulates temperature in warmer working conditions. In addition, this system contains various flexibility features, ensuring maximum comfort in any situation. In products with this standard, an extra protective layer is applied to the sole and so-called maxi-vents for increased breathability.
Geox's Net Breathing System thus creates the perfect microclimate in a garment or work shoe, keeping the body and feet dry and healthy and achieving optimal (wearer) comfort.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Waterproof sole with breathable microporous membrane
  • Thermo-regulated comfort: you maintain your natural body temperature even in warmer climates and more intense activities
  • An ideal microclimate keeps feet dry and healthy
  • Flexibility for maximum comfort