Recycle packaging: boxed paper

When you see the image above for a product, it means that the product's box or box packaging is recyclable. Even better, you can reuse recyclable boxed paper (use it for returns, for example, or turn it into padding material in the warehouse), compost it (turn it into a nutrient medium) or recycle it (process it in companies into various end products, such as writing paper). In fact, both paper and cardboard have the same organic raw material: wood. To be more specific, the raw material consists of wood fibre. And wood is a fully renewable product, but due to the rising demand for wood, logging is increasing. Paper and cardboard recycling ensures that fewer trees have to be cut down, less water and electricity are needed during production and there are lower CO2 emissions (as waste paper is collected at home and processed in the same country). Recyclable packaging box paper thus contributes to a circular economy and a completed resource cycle.