Safety shoes class S1

There are different standards for safety shoes, classified by class. Each class defines the minimum requirements the work shoes must meet, and some classes have more than others. This is characterised by the S coding. This S stands for 'Safety' and implies that the shoe must meet the standard of Safety Shoes, or safety shoes. Carel Lurvink's work shoes come from leading brands and are certified by a recognised testing institute. The safety shoes comply with the EN 345 standard. Safety shoes can be divided into five S-classifications. The S classification is always mentioned on the safety shoes. Besides the general requirements of the safety standard, it is also important that the shoes are suitable for the specific working conditions.

S1 safety shoes contain at least a safety toecap, which can withstand a load with an energy less than or equal to 200 Joule. These shoes are also anti-static and have an energy-absorbing heel. The shoes are especially often used in and also particularly suitable for dry working conditions.