Safety shoes class S5

There are different standards for safety shoes and they are classified by them into a class. Each class defines the minimum requirements the work shoes must meet. Some classes have more than others or they are specifically set up for certain working conditions. The classes are marked by an S coding. This S stands for 'Safety' and means that the shoe must meet the standard of Safety Shoes, or safety shoes. Standards S4 & S5 relate to work and safety boots. Basically, S5 safety shoes are the same as S4 safety boots, but they have a few extra features.

With these, the shoe is made entirely of PU (Polyurethane - injected), rubber (vulcanised) or plastic materials, which ensures that it is water/liquid tight. PU running soles are heat-resistant up to around 100°C. are lightweight, very pliable, a good absorbency and they have very good temperature insulating properties. However, PU is sensitive to damage from sharp objects. PU soles are particularly suitable for light- and medium-duty industry. There are also two-component running soles (e.g. multi-density PU or a combination of PU and rubber). These running soles combine the advantages of the flexible lightweight PU sole with the anti-slip properties of a running sole made of nitrile rubber (which is more resistant to higher temperatures). Such a type of running sole is more resistant to damage, making the combination suitable for situations where sharp objects may be on the ground. Vulcanised nitrile-rubber soles are heat-resistant to well over 300°C and thus well resistant to damage from sharp objects, or from petrol, oil and acids. Because they are vulcanised with this material, the weight of this type of running sole is quite high. They are often used in heavy industry. Each S5 safety boot describes the materials it is made of and thus what it is suitable for.

An S5 safety boot is also antistatic and has an energy-absorbing heel. Like the S4 shoe, an S5 work boot has a composite or steel safety nose, but it also has a penetration-resistant midsole and an anti-slip profile. This makes an S5 work boot or safety boot the safest within the boot category.