Order lists

The order list in My Carel Lurvink is a fixed list of products ordered periodically. Each buyer or orderer has a list of products to choose from.

Facilitary assistant Iris Kusters at Coop is enthusiastic about the ordering portal: ”At first, we ordered by phone. As soon as this could be done online, we made the switch. It's a lot more practical; always up-to-date information and easy to keep track of. As a result, ordering always goes well. The distribution centre often needs the same products. By default, they are on the ‘favourites list’ on My Carel Lurvink. We have three of these lists in which we store the most ordered items. For other products, I use the search function. It works very well. If I still can't find something, I use the live chat. Then I get an answer almost immediately. You can also call. I often get to speak to the same helpdesk staff, and they also know who they are talking to. That small scale is very nice. Customer service is fantastic.”


You can add several delivery addresses - or objects - to your account. This object can be a department within the company or a person. This allows you to add multiple objects with the same delivery address.


A budget can be linked to each object. This way there is maximum control over what an orderer can and cannot order. This can be set per order and per year.


You can view and download several reports. For example, you can view order history down to object level and you can view back orders. Of course, you can also view and download all invoices.

More information:

My Carel Lurvink is set up in such a way that it is very easy to set up an account and make adjustments. Unable to get there? Then contact our staff in the Sales Support department. They are at your service when you call 053 - 434 43 43 or send an e-mail to [email protected].